Inked Babe is “Like holding a baby”

He was able to lift the breasts of his Inked Girl, which fit perfectly into his hands, though he knows this was no promise that he could keep them. A million things you can’t have will fit in a human hand. 

I once loved an Inked Doll who folded secrets between her tattooed thighs like napkins and concealed memories in the valley of her pierced breasts. There was no match for the freckles on her chest full of tattoos with flowers and skulls, and no one could mistake them for a field of honeysuckles. Upon her lips, a thousand lies were spread in sweet gloss suitable for a sexy and gorgeous tattooed girl.

Her kiss was like a storybook from ancient history. She was at home with the body of a man inside her, beside her. At night, when she lay in bed crying,
no one could mistake the tears she wept for a summer shower. She is gone, my love, my inked babe. She was a wanderer, a wildflower full of ink.


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