Inked Girl: Ginger Love

Ginger Tattooed Girl with arm tattoo

And we want to play hide and seek with you. Have you cross the field, hide behind the bushes, have your red hair camouflage with the ginger color of the walls. I will count, Inked Girl, and look for you, look for the Inked doll with Ginger Hair and have your lips pressed against mine. In the end that is the name of the game. I will have your ginger kisses every time I’m able to find you.

Do you feel like playing Ink Doll Mafia babe? Do you feel like bartering your skin and lips and playing down beneath the rain? I will slap you or kiss you, either way you want. I will have you naked on my bed with your haired garnishing my naked self. You are the inked babe of the field, you are the treasure of youth.


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