Inked Doll enjoying the water

Inked girl seating on a rock by the water

Washed out Inked Doll

I had a dream about your Inked Girl. I found you, humble sexy tattooed girl, seating your ass in the rocky shore with a black wet dress and a tanned skin, just like a mermaid luring idiot sailors. I was not sailor but old enough to get all sexed up by some hot Siren. Over the rocks by the bay, we talked about love and we talked about Inked Dolls, their art, the pain of needles when getting your first tattoo and the pleasure that comes with waiting for that original piece. Underwater we made love thinking about mermaids and other Inked Girls comparing them to magnificent creatures, half fish half mammal. You were the mermaid of my desires, half Inked Girl, half aquatic beauty fishing for your other half.


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