Black and Blonde Inked Girl

Sexy Tattooed girl in this picture: @kimoconnorx0x0

Growing up were there any people that influenced your decision on getting a tattoo? No, I just always knew I was different and wanted to embellish on that

What made you decide to take the plunge and get your first one?
Because I wanted a tattoo since I was young but waited till I was 18, so once I turned 18 I got one

Do you have a favorite tattoo, and does it have a meaning behind it?
Yes I do. It’s a tattoo of my son in a Dinosaur costume on my arm. The meaning behind it is that I love dinosaurs and my son so my artist incorporated the two things I loved into one special tattoo

How did you get into modeling?
My hair dresser told me to sign up to model mayhem which got Esther Hanukah to recognize me and get me in my first issue of Tattoo magazine

What or who are you’re inspirations?
I appreciate the beauty of art and the self-expression which is something I connect with which is my own inspiration

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