Havoc Capone Inked Model

Always Stunning @StaceyHavoc

Tell us the story behind one of your 28 tattoos I think it’s 28 lol I stopped counting. It’s tough to talk about one because they all mean so much to me. I guess the one on my hand is my favorite. It says LOVE LIFE. I would never get a tat on my hand but I wanted to pick a spot where I would see it everyday to remind myself how blessed I am and to love life everyday.

Speaking of tattoos, Armpit? Elbow? Why those places? How bad did they hurt?
I like to be unique lol. I have never really seen an armpit tat so I decided that’s where I wanted it lol. The healing process was the worst … you can’t shave, you can’t wear deodorant, you have to keep your arm up. I even shaved it too soon and took a chunk out of the tattoo. It stung and the spikes poked it lol. It was one thorny rose lol. It took three weeks to heal and I wanted the other side done but forget it lol.

Extracted from: http://www.sexyandfunny.com/view_joke/deep-inside-havoc-hailey_84195.html


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