The Mafia

Simply put, we would like to call ourselves the world’s best Digital Community of Inked Girls and Inked Dolls, their art and the group of people who loves them.

It all started with a dream, a dream of Inked Dolls and Tattooed girls whom would captivate the minds of those who enjoy this raw form of art on the most exquisite of canvases. It all started with the vision and the desire of founding a place online where Art in the form of tattoos, sexiness in the form of curvy girls and the eyes of talented photographers would meet.

We wanted to give birth a dream place (an online world) where we could showcase all kinds of tattooed girls sharing their experiences and their stories. Their characters and personas.
We feel we haven’t created anything. We simply have provided a channel, a medium to transcend boundaries and languages with sexy ink as our flag, providing Professional or Amateur girls a free place where to showcase their Ink.
At InkedDollMafia, we want to curate content for a delightful archive, but we strongly depend on the interactions and collaborations between members of our community to reach our ultimate goal: Be the first Online Magazine with 100% user submitted content for showcasing purposes only.